Isis is quoted as saying "American's blood tastes the best" and that we are next...Well, they seem to have forgotten that we love the taste of terrorist's blood...We have fought bloody battles ever since we set foot on this land. We fought the English and the French and the Spanish and even ourselves over this land...We learned how to be savage in battle. We are not as weak and slow and simple minded as they think we are.
We are many nations, melted into one who love our land, our freedoms or people...we may fight among ourselves like children sometimes,but family does that...we are a family under this flag...and when push comes to shove..when we are under attack, we ban together as one and take up the battle together.
When this country is under attack, we all become one giant boot that stomps out our enemy!
I may be one little old woman with a back back...but do not under estimate the amount of savage that can and will come out in me if my nation is attacked by the cowards that call themselves ISIS...the taste of ISIS terrorist's blood will be sweet upon our lips!