The problem with the schools in Danville. Virginia is not so much a lack of teachers....
It is all related to a lack of parenting. People do not raise their children anymore and it's not just this generation of parents, it goes back a couple of generations. Too many people in this town have children just to get a welfare check, not because they want and love children and it is a generational thing. Children grow up under parents that don't care what they do as long as that aren't bothering them. They are bought violent video games that the content is rated too mature and violent for them, they are exposed to sex and violence at home and on tv. They are taught hate and racism form birth...and even down to the very poorest they all have a sense of entitlement. They are only sent to school because it's the law and it gets the kids out of the home and out from under foot, because if parents cared then their kids would not be struggling to accomplish the most basic skills up into and through high school. Parents can't and or don't want to help teach their children basic skills of reading and math at home or basic social skills...because that is the way that they were raised! And there is a vast amount of children born to drug and alcohol addicted parents and were born addicted themselves and have learning and social problems due to it. What type of problems do you think a child would have in school born into a home where their basic needs are hardly met, where they are neglected and abused and exposed to drugs, their parent engage in sex acts in front of them, some mother's have a "revolving door" where strange men are a constant , where hunger is an issue even because they get food stamps they are sold to others to supply drugs and other things and or the parents only supply hot pockets, frozen chicken nuggets and chips and soda as meals?
And these parents think that when someone has to try to deal with the children that they did not care to raise themselves that they are being treated in a disrespectful and racist manner and suddenly they care and are offended when their children are in trouble with school or the law.
Danville as a whole needs to find a way to fix it's poverty problems and them maybe they can educated it's children. But...that will never happen.
I have done a lot of traveling this year and Danville is not like any other place...and that is not a good thing.
I have begun to think that it is too late for this city.