I have always complained about how the people in my home town of Danville. Va, do not know how to drive...and they are horrible drivers, but...there are very dangerous drivers out there EVERYWHERE! 
People, sitting up high in a tractor trailer truck I could look down into everyone's cars...EVERYONE was texting and posting while driving and were putting everyone on the road with them at risk!
People were flying down the road in extremely heavy traffic texting and having near misses and still would go right back to texting again!
People...you who text and post while driving...you may not care about your life or the lives of those in your car with you, but the rest of us want to live...and NO...you are NOT that good that you will never get in an accident!
My other gripe is that when you are traveling the roads...remember that Big trucks are usually loaded and are extremely heavy and can not stop like a car can...so when you cut one off you are putting your live at a terrible risk! I could not believe how many ass holes would cut us off and when we were lucky enough to not mash them flat and stop with only an inch to spare...these idiots would get mad at us!
And in case you never noticed this...trucks drive mostly in the far right hand lane unless they are passing or need to change lanes to take a different route. The far right lane is the trucking lane...so when you bully your way into that lane just to cruise along you are putting yourself in a lane that all of those huge, heavy trucks HAVE TO TRAVEL IN BY LAW to keep you safe and when you get in them you are creating a dangerous situation for them and for yourself!
When a truck signals to change lanes it is because they HAVE TO MOVE and when you ride beside them like you are Sunday driving and play "I'm not letting you in" or "No, you can't get in front of me" you can and will be lawfully pushed out of the road by them and you will be the one getting a ticket.
Idiots actually play games with truckers on the road not realizing that any truck could be as much as 80,000 pounds and is a missile that can take you out of this world and only leave a stain behind.
When it comes to the road...the laws are different than you think...Truckers have the law on their side when it comes to you driving in truck lanes, blocking a truck from changing lanes and cutting them off. 
If a police officer has pulled someone over or there is a vehicle stopped on the shoulder of the road...everyone, especially trucks HAVE TO MOVE OVER to the next lane and when you refuse to allow them to move over you are putting that person or officer on the shoulder at risk and YOU WILL BE FOUND AND TICKETED OR WORSE. Trucks have cameras in the middle of their windshield that record the entire road a head of them and they will record you breaking the law and will get you, not the trucker in trouble in case of an accident or incident.
I am not saying that there are no dangerous truckers on the road...but when you play cat and mouse with a trucker you are going to lose.
Did you know that a lot of trucks are governed? That means that they have been fixed so that they can not exceed a certain speed...
Did you ever wonder why they are in the right lane crawling with their flashers blinking on hills? It is the law...and it is for their safety and yours. 
Did you know that if not for truckers you would not have anything that you need? They bring everything to you....food, clothes, medicines, cars, the materials that your house was built with...that TV you watch and the phone in your hand...
They have to be away from their families for long periods of time and live in a truck and eat a lot of sandwiches and things and they really do not make that great of a pay check as you would think.
So,stop texting and driving and stop being inconsiderate of others on the road, especially truckers...and stop playing games on the road and stop doing stupid stuff because you "are going to be late"....be late...better than being dead!