One of my clients recently wanted to add the new Facebook ‘Business’ Fan Page to his profile as his work place but he had some difficulties with it.  What it did was offer him other pages other than his own fan page.  This was extremely frustrating for him not being able to add his own business page as a place he worked in his Facebook Profile.

Problem Adding Facebook Business Page to Your Profile

After some searching, discovering, and research and testing on my own Facebook Profile page, I figured out and created this tutorial so he could add his own business fan page to his profile as a place he works at.
Video Instructions at Bottom of this Tutorial

Written Instructions

My client wanted his Facebook Business page to show up in his profile as shown in the image below.  However, when he added his own facebook page to his profile as a place he works at, it came up with a page and community that wasn’t his own page.
Works At on Facebook Profile

Step 1 – Edit your personal Facebook Profile ‘Work and Education’

First, we’re going to be using the FireFox browser with the Web Developer toolbar  installed.  If you don’t have it, download it here and then install and Firefox will have to restart and you’ll see the toolbar on the top of the page.
Go to your personal facebook profile and edit your info.  Under Work and Education, we’re going to type the name of our Facebook Business page.  This name you type should match the Title of  your facebook fan page.  Notice that the fan page it’s suggesting may not actually be your own.  Don’t worry about it, select the Page, not the community.
Add Business Page to Facebook Profile Work and Education

Step 2 – Get ID of Your Facebook Business Page

You should be using Firefox with Web Developer toolbar installed.  Open another tab and visit your actual Facebook Business page.  What we’re going to do is get your unique page ID and copy this.  To do this you’ll go to your business page and on the top right you’ll click ‘Edit Page‘ and it will dropdown and select ‘Update Info‘ as shown in picture below.
Edit Facebook Business Page, Update Info
Now, visit your address bar and up there you’ll see a web page URL which will include … Notice the numbers after the id= these are your unique Facebook Page numbers.  Copy ONLY the numbers onto your clipboard.  I usecommand+c (copy) on a Mac or control+c  (Windows).  Once you’ve copied those numbers, we’re going to go back to the tab which has your personal profile opened in process of adding your job.  Remember, at this point we haven’t added your job yet but the window should be open.

Step 3 – Show Form Details in Webmaster Toolbar

Display Form Details in Webmaster Tool Bar
The image above shows that we still haven’t added the job to our profile but we’re going to click Display Form Details which will present some code and such that’s highlighted that you may not understand completely, but don’t worry, you don’t need to understand it all.  Click Display Form Details.

Step 4 – Replace employer_id Field Numbers with Your Own

Once you see form details as noted in step 3, you’re going to scroll down until you see the Facebook Profile image icon on the Add Job in your Facebook Profile.  As you see in the image below, there’s an editable field right after:
<input autocomplete=”off” name=”employer_id”>3434332566777
Display Form Details Facebook Work Place
These numbers on this example are pointing us to a Bokan Photography in Serbia.  We want it to point to our own Facebook Business page.  What we’re going to do in that editable field is replace those numbers with the numbers we copied representing our own Facebook Business page in the previous step.  See image below:
Replace employer_id with our Facebook Page ID
Once we have the correct numbers in this field, we’re going to go ahead and click the ‘Add Job’ link at the bottom of this particular job.  See image below:
Click Add Job in Facebook Profile
The button above actually says ‘Add Job’ but it’s essentially a submit button.  Go ahead and click it.  You may not be able to see the button with form details showing, that’s OK, click the blue portion or thereabouts.  The button below the blue submit button is the cancel button, we don’t want to click that.  Just look at the arrow above.

Step 5 – Turn off Display Form Details in Webmaster Toolbar

Once we’ve submitted our new job, we’re going to go back up to the Webmaster Toolbar and de-select ‘Display Form Details’ which will get rid of the red details you see in the above images.  See images below:
Deselect Display Form Details in Webmaster Toolbar
Once you’ve de-selected as shown in the image above, you’ll see that the icon for your workplace has change in your Facebook Profile and you have not successfully linked your Facebook Profile to your Facebook Business page.
Facebook Business Page linked to your Personal Facebook Profile

Step 6 – Update your Work Information

You’re not quite finished.  More than likely, you’re new workplace has taken on the location of the original selected job when you were adding it.  So make sure you go to Edit on the actual ‘Work and Education’ for that job in your Facebook Profile and update the position and location and whatever else you see necessary.  Now you’re done.

Video Tutorial – Add Facebook Page to your Profile