Are you planning to buy some fancy domain name with cool extensions like .guru, .blog, .bike or just thinking about launching an official website for your business with .com, .net extension? Now, Google has also joined the list of online domain registration provider. So you now have an option to register domain name from Google domain registration service.
Yesterday on Monday, June 24, 2014 Google quietly launched Google Domains to try its hand in domain registration too. The service is currently in invite-only beta mode which means that you need to have invitation code to access this service now. Don’t worry, within few days, I will be made public if this beta testing shows positive results.
Google Domains Feat
Earlier, for online businesses, Google was providing domain names to its customers by referring them to Godaddy or eNom. Google’s arrival to domain registration will not only end up this referring benefit to these registrars but they now have a tough competitor in their business, which is scary for them.
Talking about the features..
Google Domains is offering features which is making customers to look twice to this domain registration service before choosing any other domain registration service.  For instance, Google will cover the cost for private registration—that is, keeping your name, address and contact information from the public eye. Moreover, it is also providing branded email as [email protected], forwarding service to other website or domain.
These features make Google Domains more competitive to the largest domain registrar Godaddy as it provides privacy protection for $7.99 per domain and email services at $4.99 per month.
Google Domains will also be feature to create up to 100 sub-domains to handle phone support and variety of management tool.
google domains features
Talking about the price..
Google Domains didn’t list the charges to register domains. It asks potential users to apply for trial code/invitation code for the service. However, a photo on one of its pages shows the registration charge $12 a year. Here Godaddy makes its way out as it offers discounted one year domain registration with .com endinngs to $8.
Though new but Google Domains is going to provide up to 1,400 generic top-level domains which of course includes .com, .net and .org and you’ll be able to register fancy domain name such as .rentals, .club, .bike, .reviews etc. ICANN is showing Google as accredited registrar for some TLDs such as such as .biz, .com, .info, .name, .net, .org and .pro.
So, are you going to try Google Domains? What are your thoughts about this service? Share them in comments below!