Facebook, while being popular among internet users, is also popular among internet marketers. They always try to make most out of Facebook. They try to drive Facebook traffic to their site, sell products to them, refer them and earn commission. Many smart marketers are using many other innovative ways to earn more and more benefit from Facebook.
If you’re an internet marketer, a blogger, a businessman or any other person whom Facebook can help to multiply their revenue than this fact might be quite clear to you that until or unless you’ll not drive their attention or engage them with your brand and updates, you’re not going to make any benefit.
And, the best way to engage Facebook visitors is from Facebook Fanpages.
You might have very big friend circle on Facebook, you might be group member of very large Facebook group, nothing will benefit you as much as a Facebook Fanpage can provide you.
Smart internet marketers know this fact. So, they always update their fanpages to engage those Facebook users who are following their page.
As like thousands of fanpage owners, you should update your Facebook Fanpage very frequently with the content that can engage your Fanpage followers. Earlier, in an article, we have told you very simple tricks to boost your Facebook Fanpage engagement by 275%. Follow the tricks!
To boost Facebook users engagement even more at your Fanpage, today I am sharing 7 great Facebook Apps that PRO Facebook Marketers use to get instant results.

1. Fans of the Week for Pages

When it comes into Fans engagement, Fans of the Week for Pages is the favorite apps for Fanpage managers. It enables Fans to participate in “fans of the week” contest on your Fanpage. Other fans can then peer-to-peer vote for who should be selected. At the end, you can either select winners manually or let the raw votes decide.
If you want, you can then gift winners or feature them on your Fanpage.

2. PostCron

PostCron handles both your Facebook and Twitter account and make scheduling far easy. Use its web browser’s extension and with a single click, you can schedule updates for your multiple Facebook pages and Twitter accounts.

3. Tab Fusion

As the name suggests, Tab Fusion adds tabs to your Facebook Fanpages. These tabs will offer your fans more interesting things to do. Hence, it is a very powerful app to engage your fans. Tab Fusion includes Photo Apps, Blog Apps, Social Apps, Music Apps, Video Apps, Store Apps, Misc Apps and Business Apps.

4. Static HTML

When it comes to fans conversion, Static HTML lets you to embed your webpage to your Facebook Fanpage. You can embed your subscriber’s form, product page, etc. and convert your visitor to permanent reader or customer.

5. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is an auto-posting giant and essential marketing need for social media marketers. From a single dashboard, it lets you to manage multiple Facebook Profiles, Fanpages, Twitter accounts, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon and many other profiles. Hence, while minimizing your task, it is maximize your potential to engage your social media fans, all at once.

6. ShortStack

Contests, Polls, Sweepstakes always help businesses to engage their fans and customers. ShortStack is providing these tools for your Facebook Fanpage with it’s all in one Facebook app and making it very simple to organize Contest, Sweepstakes, Competitions and later on, choose the winners. You can also create polls, custom forms to engage your fans even more.

7. Status Shuffle

Many time, we’re too lazy to post or schedule updates on Facebook Fanpage. Sometimes, we are too busy to update or sometimes, updating page is just out of our reach. At these situations, Status Shuffle acts smartly and shuffle your earlier updates randomly to keep your fans engaged.