Are you frightened about editing your WordPress site? If you are not expert in HTML, CSS or PHP, you may not customize the WordPress site. Without using the Plugins, of course, it’s not an easy task. Do you know, best free drag and drop website builder Plugins for WordPress is available on the web?
However, If there have any opportunity to design your website by only drag and drop? In other words, you just need to drag the items and drop it in your desired location. How was it? You do not need to work with code or edit them. It seems like a Superman who is coming to you to finish your job with your needs. Therefore Drag and Drop Website Builder Plugins for WordPress are now favorite.

Why Drag and Drop Website Builder?

How can we edit WordPress website by drag and drop only? Many of newbie WordPress users ask the question. Newbie people in WordPress who are trying to build new blog or website but don’t know coding. After all, it is a perfect solution to customize their site to their needs. However, experts are now using these items to save their time.
By using drag and drop plugins, you can easily add multiple columns, content slider, parallax background, full-width images and similar customization. In this article, I’ll discuss some excellent quality free drag and drop WordPress website builder plugins. Check a little collection here to find plugins that can help you to customize your site easily. Let’s dive in and have a look at Free WordPress drag and drop page builder plugins.

Best Free Drag and Drop Website Builder Plugins for WordPress:

By researching, I have made a list with the customer feedback, rating, and satisfaction in easy customization. In the meantime, my descriptive drag and drop website builder’s plugins are easy to use, easy to customize, flexible and familiar.

1. King Composer – Free Drag and Drop page builder by King-Theme

Best Free Drag and Drop page builder by King-Theme
Free Drag and Drop page builder by King-Theme

King Composer is free WordPress plugin that can build your WordPress site by only drag and drop. So, you can design your WordPress website without any coding knowledge. Most attractive feature of King composer is, suppose you uninstalled the plugin after customizing or creating your website. Now, what will happen? No, that’s not what you are thinking. The design will be alive. That means – no look will change after deactivating the plugin. With this plugin, you can add or customize the columns, rows or other elements quickly.
One thing you should know, the free version of King Composer works in back-end editor only. If you want to work as front-end editor, you have to go free to premium. It’ll cost $29. But I’ll recommend Back-end first as it is free.

2. Live Composer – Drag and Drop Website Builder

(visual front end site editor)

Live Composer Free Drag and Drop Website Builder
Live Composer – Drag and Drop Website Builder

Live Composer is good as it is free and open source item. It works on all kinds of WordPress theme even free. The Live Composer can customize as like pro programmer. Without any coding knowledge, you can make a beautiful custom page. It’s an attractive feature of Live Composer that you can build your website as a front-end developer. Simply, Live Composer gives you professional looking. As a result, you can make your portfolio or business website without any cost with it.
You can add and customize to make custom page layout, and it is mobile responsive. On the other hand, Live Composer is compatible with other necessary plugins like SEO by Yoast or Contact form 7. There has no complaint about bug issues. After all, community supports of the Live Composer is also excellent.

3. Elementor Page Builder

Elementor Page Builder - Best quality Free Drag and Drop Page Builder
Elementor Page Builder- Free Drag and Drop Page Builder

The Elementor page builder is committed to advanced front-end drag and drop page building in WordPress. You can work very quickly with this little plugin. It works on any theme, any page, and any customization. Most attractive feature of Elementor is, it gives you live preview when editing. So, you can add or customize anything and watch the live preview.
Therefore, the Elementor can give professional design touch. It can also provide unique features like hover and entrance animations, box shadows, background overlays, advanced buttons and more. Elementor page builder gives 28 widgets as prebuild including social icon, text editor, image gallery, google maps, icon list, etc. Elementor supports multilingual and RTL support which can do translation and typography in any language.
At the same time, you can learn more about Elementor from this video.

4. Beaver Builder – WordPress Page Builder

Beaver Builder – Best Drag and Drop WordPress Page Builder
Beaver Builder – Drag and Drop WordPress Page Builder

For building professional landing pages, beautiful home pages Beaver Builder can help you will all needs. If you’re beginner Beaver Builder is perfect for you. Similarly, a professional developer can build web pages with Beaver quickly. It supports custom CSS code to design the page. However, the non-coder will be happier with Beaver.
Beaver supports audio, video, sidebar and more with one click only. As like other, Beaver is mobile friendly and responsive also. It also works to customize individual post or page building and decoration. Therefore, Beaver has active in the community they will support you with any needs. In the sense of performance, Beaver Builder works faster and fine.
Beaver provides 1-year support with personal premium template and theme. Besides, if you want their individual support, you have to buy their license. It will cost you $99.
More info / Download

5. Page Builder Sandwich – Front-End Drag and Drop Page Builder

Page Builder Sandwich - WP Front-End Drag and Drop Page Builder
Page Builder Sandwich – Front-End WP Drag and Drop Page Builder

Page Builder Sandwich is another Front-End Drag and Drop Page Builder. Most of the page builders are boring when every change comes with a pop-up window, and you’ve to save it to see changes. However, Sandwich has made it easy to add or customize any features without pop-ups. A unique feature has been added named Global short code mapping in Sandwich. You can easily and quickly edit the shortcode of the most famous plugin like Jetpack, Woo Commerce or BB Press.
When you need to edit anything, just click and add to customize. Sandwich supports ctrl+Z, and you can go the previous place to come back in the right work. At the same time, you can add raw HTML, widgets, sidebars, Google maps, vector icons and much more with Sandwich.

6. Page Builder by MotoPress

Best quality Free WP Page Builder by MotoPress
Free WP Page Builder by MotoPress

MotoPress Page Builder is another Drag and Drop page builder. It has 30+ built-in content elements and compatible with all themes of WordPress. In fact, building page by MotoPress is responsive and mobile friendly. Furthermore, MotoPress supports 11 languages. We can build a page in front-end. The layouts of MotoPress is predefined.

7. Tailor Page Builder

Free WP Drag and Drop Tailor Page Builder
Tailor Page Builder- Free WP Drag and Drop

Tailor Page Builder can build WordPress website by drag and drop very easily. By clicking SHIFT key, you can drag anything to your page from the options.  Tailor Page Builder is ready for mobile, and it’s responsive also.  On the other hand, as a free builder, Tailor is not so bad.
You can add custom CSS and JavaScript code in Tailor.  Similarly, it supports multilingual and RTL layouts. In any case, you can go back the previous section of editing by the history toolbar.

8. Pootle Page builder 

Pootle WP Plugin Drag and Drop Page Builder
Pootle Page Builder – WP Drag and Drop Plugin

Pootle Page Builder is an easy free Drag and Drop website builder Plugins to design any web page by dragging and dropping only. First, you can make your web page good-looking within several minutes by Pootle Page Builder. Another key point is, Pootle Page-builder works in both front-end and back-end. Moreover, you can add new background images, colors, and videos. It works with your favorite plugins like Ninja Form. Pootle creates responsive and mobile friendly pages. In the free version of Pootle has some amazing features like parallax and video backgrounds. After all, as a free version, it has the ability to satisfy you.

9. Page Builder by SiteOrigin

Site Origin WP Page Builder Plugin
Free WP Page Builder by SiteOrigin

According to user feedback and active user’s data, SiteOrigin Page Builder is attractive, popular and multi-functional. Moreover, it’s free, and they have no premium version. As a result, you will get all the premium features in free and open source version.
You can add row and widgets easily with SiteOrigin. You’ve got the freedom to change background colors, paddings and column spacing. If you need to add custom CSS, can do this simply. It gives the facilities to customize in live mode. You can add or remove anything in real-time.
Moreover, it has a history browser that will help you to go back from any options. It works with most of the theme. SiteOrigin is an excellent piece to give a professional outlook of your website without coding knowledge. Finally, this plugin is used by 1 million+ WordPress user. SiteOrgin is mobile ready and responsive.


The first thing to remember, WordPress is very popular and easily customized CMS with millions of users. Moreover, we have found free Drag and Drop editing options in WordPress. It makes the way easy to work and enriching user interface too. Both are equally important. So, collect these free drag and drop website builder plugins to make your WordPress journey easy.
If you find, we missed something special, feel free to share your collection. Of course, we will appreciate you. After all, if you get this article informative and effective don’t forget to share.