PLEASE, do not be offended if I do not "LIKE" or "SHARE" or "COMMENT AMEN" to all of your "Christian" or religious posts.
I am NOT a "Christian".
I do believe in a higher power, the source of all from which we I am not "Godless" or a "Devil Worshiper" or a "Witch" and nor am I going to "Burn in Hell" or "Contaminate your soul with ungodliness". 
PLEASE, do not be offended if we sit down to a meal together and while you bow your head and say "Grace" if I do not do the same. I will however sit quietly and respect your time in asking for a blessing of your food.
PLEASE, do not try to "save me", as I do not need saving, I was born right the first people were the ones that had populated the Earth while your Adam and Eve were lost in the garden. So, I do not need to "find Jesus". If I am approached with this do not be offended if you get a comment like "I didn't know he was lost." or "You Christians are forever losing your deity!" or "Have you looked under the sofa?" I am not trying to insult your beliefs...It is my way of letting you know not to press the issue with me.
I am NOT JEWISH either! For some reason, for as long as I can remember, everyone has assumed that I was Jewish...Do I look Jewish?
PLEASE do not assume that I am lost or ignorant or stupid because I do not believe as you all honesty...I have read the Bible, went to a Baptist church and a few others and I have read more religious texts that most of you ever will, as well as plenty of other religious and spiritual books.
I have also experienced things that most of you will never experience or understand. I have honestly experienced "supernatural" phenomenon of different types and it was NOT SATAN'S WORK. I have been at births and deaths and have had some amazing things happen at them and in between...NO, I was not high or dreaming or being tricked.
I have honestly had to stop following some of my friends because of the things that some of you post...I have not removed anyone from my "Friends List", I just choose to not see all of your posts because they offend me....but I respect your right to worship and believe as your heart speaks to you and I would defend your right to worship and believe as you wish, as long as you are not hurting others or breaking the law or trying to cram your beliefs down anyone else's throat.
I am a child of God, a part of him and or her sent here to learn and grow and to help teach others how to grow in love and to accept love and to sew the seeds of love in others.
We should ALL love one another and care for one another and help one another and especially love, care, help and respect those who are less fortunate than ourselves.
So...I say this again and again....LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ONE ANOTHER! I LOVE YOU!