Add Facebook Like Box to Blogger

So, what is this like box, huh? Well, whenever you just open any blog you'll see a small box somewhere right in the blog which will show you that how many people liked this page on facebook, how much are following and who are they! This thing is known as a like box.

Basically, what's the advantage of such a thing? It helps you in a number of ways. It shows your users the number of followers you've on Facebook. The likes you got. In this way, it influences the mind of your audience and create a good image of yours. People get attracted to your site in this way. And it also allows you to get your Facebook page liked directly from your own blog. It helps users join your whole community with a single click!

Add Facebook Like Box to Blogger:

Many blogger users usually get confused and they wonder if there's some kind of way to add this on a blogger blog. It's pretty easy and effective. Today I'm going to teach you how to add facebook like box to blogger.
  1. Copy the URL of your fan page. It should look like:
  2. Go to Facebook developers page by clicking here
  3. Check the box of Facebook Page URL option and replace its current text with your link. 
  4. Press enter to get a preview of your box. 

  5. Click on Get Code choose iFrame from the choices it gives you. 

  6. Go to your Blogger Dashboard and go to Layout > Add a Gadget
  7. Select HTML/Javascript and paste the copied code you just got from Facebook.  
  8. Click save and place it according to your needs. 
  9. You're good to go!

Note: There are additional customization options available at developer's page for that box. Like increasing size and removing borders.