Entrepreneurs (or Businessmen) always need to keep their spirit boiling. They always need to strengthen their determination. They always need to be consistent towards their goals to achieve them without getting affected by obstacles and circumstances.It is considered as the best way to become  a successful person because it’s like following your dreams.
If you’re also an Entrepreneur then you might know that it is not “that” easy to keep your spirit boiling. Also, some sort of inspiration, innovation and tools required to face circumstances and use it as an escalator towards your goal. So, there is a severe need to get support and guidance so that you’ll not give up upon your dreams.
Here, we are sharing 25 great sites recommended for every entrepreneur to follow. These sites are providing very innovative ideas, success stories of companies and businessmen, tips, tricks and lifehacks related to your business and the business world. So, summing it all, these sites will help your to face every expected/unexpected challenges in your business life and help you achieve your goal for sure!
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1. OnStartups

It is a startup related website run by co-founder of Hubspot, Dharmesh Shah. The website covers effective advice for startups and businesses. It has free resources and discussion board to discuss upon important startup questions.

2. Inc.com

Inc.com is a very reputed website covering small business ideas and resources for Entrepreneurs. The website covers lots of high-quality articles on online/offline business, marketing trend, growth hacking etc.

3. Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur.com was especially created to help small business owners to become world-known entrepreneur. Excellent site for entrepreneurs with solid collection of articles and tips from experts plus hundred of links to other entre.

4. About.com Entrepreneur

About.com is having resources about various important topics. It also got your entrepreneurship articles covered. The website is having plenty of resources for businessmen, powerful tips, tricks and advice to grow your online/offline business.

5. Startup Nation

Covering the pitching updates from businesses, Startup Nation keep you updated from good/bad happening in business world. It has very powerful resources for small businesses.

6. Lifehack.org

The blog not specifically writes articles for entrepreneur but it writes daily productive tips and our lifestyle tips that help to make the life happier. BTW, it got your entrepreneur related articles and resources covered.

7. Epic Launch

Epic Launch is a great place for young entrepreneurs to learn a lot of new things about entrepreneurship and business world to guide them on their way to achieve their goals.

8. BizWomen

BizWomen is a community of women entrepreneurs and employees who connect, collaborate, share views & ideas and, help each other to get success on their own field.

9. BusinessWeek Small Business

Business Week contains solid source of business information for years. The website also covers latest small business news and provide tips on Finance, Marketing and Sales.

10. Fast Company

Fast Company lists new startups which are getting success very fast. These startups are usually innovative and comes out with helping people in other way. You can check out fastest companies here to know which type of startup can benefit you.

11. Young Entrepreneur

This is an online portal, a web community where young entrepreneur meet and start-up. They share their tips, ideas, collaborate to start a new business. The web portal is run by Entrepreneur.com and having many helpful tips and resources too.

12. AngelList

AngelList is a great place to find great entrepreneurs around the web. You can find a lot more information about them and their companies here. It also contains read-made templates that you may require to conquer some legal obstacles. So, you will be able to save some money.

13. Dutiee

For social entrepreneurs, it is a great place. Dutiee covers effective experiments, tips and tricks to help you make your brand viral on social media.

14. Idea Locker

Having any great idea about any start-up, app, software, etc.? Idea Locker will issue patent for your idea so that you can reserve it for future when you get free in life.

15. SBA

The U.S. Small Business Administration is a great place to know many important information about U.S. Startups. Moreover, you can get training about many business related courses at the website which is .GOV official.

16. First Round Review

First Round Review reviews the startup. How they are doing, what made them rise so high, what made them fall, how to boost speed to achieve success these are related topics that will be encountered by you upon visit of the website.

17. Rock The Post

Many times it happens that we have great idea but not enough credits to implement our idea. Rock the post is for this type of people. It can help you to raise your fund up to $5 millions  and which is quite enough at this point of time to implement idea.


Score is a blog providing free small business advice. It covers topics like startups, run and grown business, finance & money, technology, management etc.

19. Ladies Who Lunch

Great site where female entrepreneurs collaborate with other females to get solution about a problem, discuss, inspire, invent ideas, and share their tips with each other

20. The Entrepreneurial Mind

The Entrepreneurial Mind is the blog of entrepreneurship expert and Belmont University entrepreneurship instructor Dr. Jeff Cornwall. Dr. Cornwall uses his expertise in the field of entrepreneurship to give back to his students, and others who are interested.

21. Both Sides Of The Table

New to startup? Well, you should surely follow this site because this blog by Mark Suster covers all possibilities of starups and provides effective tips on startups, PR, Advertising, etc.

22. This Is Going To Be Big

As the name suggest, the blog is created to make your small startup really big. It shares success stories of businessmen, startups and many innovative ideas to help you think out of the box.

23. Quora Startup

Quora is one of the most popular Q & A forum. If you have opened your business while getting inspiration from any big business, you can ask your questions related to the business here and there’s a very high possibility to get answer from the company’s official

24. Startup Company Lawyer

Lawyers and law-related formalities are needed for every business. The site can help you in saving some extra dollars that you were going to pay your lawyer for really very small legal things. It covers answers to every common startup related laws.

25.  Business Owner’s Toolkit

Business owner’s toolkit by BizFilings contains articles related to “Selling your Business & Tax Implication” topics. It covers important topics such as Growth Strategies, Quality Assurance, Government Contracting etc. which will help you to deal with future obstacles.