Anyone working online realizes the need for a compact task management tool to organize everyday tasks and follow it.
Yes, we can note down all the little details of running an online business on post-its and notepads, but they don’t always help. Do they?
What to do then?

How Does ThunderTask Help?

ThunderTask is a project cum task management tool which is useful for both individuals and organizations. We will find it useful because:
(1) It is flexible and very simple to use.
(2) You just need to jot down the tasks, time it and save.
(3) You can use this task management tool to collaborate with other team members.
(4) It has a clean interface.
(5) It will work on any computer.
(6) You can download its mobile app and use it 24×7.
(7) Your tasks are automatically sorted out into various categories like tasks due today, overdue tasks, upcoming tasks, general tasks and inbox tasks.

 How Does ThunderTask Work?

After you sign up, you are given the option to create:
(1) Lists
(2) Tasks
(3) Workspace
A freelancer could use the workspace to create multiple projects and add ‘lists’ or ‘tasks’ in the same. A business owner can use the workspace to build and assign tasks to various team players and share it with them.

 ThunderTask Pricing

Here is the screenshot of its very affordable pricing:
ThunderTask pricing
If you are still unsure about this, I suggest you sign up for the free trial plan and then upgrade