Having holed up a bunch of my money in so-called “high interest” savings accounts for so long, I’ve always had an ambition to do something smarter with my money. The thing is that investing in the stock exchange, in equities or whatever else can sound so intimidating and so daunting. That’s why there are so many educational products out there, as well as professional advisors, that are designed to teach you how to get your money to make you more money.
And, seeing how the world of money works, you can also make a bunch of money by convincing other people to invest in these educational products. You can do that through the Evergreen FX affiliate program. They don’t do the actual foreign exchange trading themselves, but they rather deal in foreign exchange education.

The Familiar Affiliate Arrangement

The fundamental way that Evergreen FX works is not going to sound all that foreign to anyone who has worked with other affiliate programs in the past. You sign up, you choose the offers to promote, and when your new lead opts into an offer, you get paid. They don’t even need to follow through with a sale.
At the moment, there aren’t a lot of educational programs and products being offered through Evergreen FX, but they do go through quite a bit of useful information for people who are interested in trading in the foreign exchange market. The form to sign up as an affiliate is relatively short; it’s a single page where they ask for your main contact information, your primary marketing channels, and your payment information. You agree to the Terms & Conditions, enter the Captcha code and submit.
Payment is issued bi-weekly on a net-30 basis. They prefer to issue their payments via PayPal, but you can request to receive your commissions via wire or check instead if you’d like.

Affiliate Dashboard

For those of you who have worked with other affiliate programs in the past, the basic layout of the dashboard with Evergreen FX will look familiar.
You get your main “at a glance” information in the center, including your campaign summary and performance summary. You’ll find the key data for your week to date, previous 7 days, month to date, last 30 days, year to date, and last 12 months. All of the main navigation can be found along the left, which is where you’ll access the offers, reports and account information too. No surprises here.

The Seven Exclusive Offers

At this time, Evergreen FX has seven unique forex education campaigns that you can promote on a CPL basis. Evergreen FX says that they are trying to add three to four new offers each month, so this library will grow over time. As mentioned, your referred traffic does not have to convert into a sale; it’s on a cost-per-lead basis, typically requesting only the person’s name and e-mail address, though the most lucrative offer also requires their phone number.
That most lucrative offer is the Euro Eclipse (Direct to Webinar), paying out $15 for each confirmed lead that you refer. The visitor would need to RSVP for a free forex webinar from Market Traders Institute that lasts about 90 minutes. This webinar covers some rare trading opportunities that are forming in the forex market, as well as a pro trading plan. The current creatives for this offer include three banners and one email, as well as the basic affiliate link itself.
The remaining offers with Evergreen FX — including an ebook, a video with a unique trading strategy, and prediction indicators — pay between $1.50 and $8 for confirmed leads from eligible countries, though many of them also pay a reduced rate ($1) for international leads from other countries.

The Currency of the Web

There are a lot of people who are interested in learning about trading forex and you can capitalize on this interest via the affiliate program from Evergreen FX. The bi-weekly payment schedule is a plus and the $15 CPL is pretty good for an offer that doesn’t cost the visitor anything.