he performance marketing industry has evolved from affiliate marketing. Do not confuse it with affiliate marketing per sePerformance marketing is a good way to begin earning online either as a publisher or a merchant.
In performance marketing, there is a mutually beneficial business model for merchant partners and website publishers, no matter whether they are in the relationship through affiliate partnership or through direct connectivity.
Performance Marketing
In this business model, the job of the publishers is to drive traffic to the website of the merchant partner and the publisher is paid according to its agreement with the merchant, which includes sales, referrals and/or leads.

Role of Performance Marketing in Publishing

Performance Publishing is the vertical branch of performance marketing where websites are created with the purpose of selling the services and products of other companies.
Here the publishers are paid only for completed transactions, which is unlike CPM (cost-per-impression) or PPC (pay-per-click) models where publishers were paid for per impression and click basis.
Why is this better?
This is definitely better than traditional affiliate marketing because here there is no scope for seeing inflated or misleading clicks and impressions. A merchant won’t get too elated seeing 10,000 impressions or clicks for a product or service, knowing that there are no sales.
You would agree that performance marketing refines the affiliate industry in a better fashion.

As a publisher:

  • You create product / service oriented content.
  • You promote the content to targeted markets.
  • You generate complete sales.
  • You get PAID.

As a merchant:

  • You don’t waste money on CPM or PPC.
  • You have a clear idea about the number of sales publishers are generating.
  • You just pay the pre-agreed commissions after each sale.
  • There is no waste of money.
In short -
 publishers SELL + merchants EARN = publishers EARN as well
Have you tried performance marketing?