One of the web design trends is the use of best WordPress themes 2014 which have all the necessary features needed for a successful online presence. For instance, the theme is known for its structure, which had been taken into account by the developer, so that the user would not need to struggle with the basics of how the system of WordPress interacts with themes. For your premium WordPress theme to work correctly, they should have certain essential files. Two of them are:
  1. A style.css file – Through this file, you can control the layout and look of your WordPress site through the use of style definitions. In this file, you also have the information used in the section Manage Themes of WordPress to display the name of the theme and its version, description and author.
  2. The index.php file – A WordPress blog cannot function without this file. Other PHP files are also in most WordPress themes, representing the various sections of the page, but the only PHP file which is necessary is index.php.
After carrying out a series of research, the list of certain themes has been created. They are separated based on the Business, Magazine, Blog, eCommerce, Travel, Photography and Video categories. They have different features for any type of website, and as they are the best of the best themes available today, you will definitely find one for your online projects.

Best Business WordPress Themes 2014

Vertex WordPress Theme

Vertex best wordpress themes 2014This is one of the premium WordPress themes you should get because it has a unique design and it is of high quality
Live Demo / Download Vertex

Foxy Business WP Theme

Foxy Business WP best wordpress themes 2014If you are looking for a theme of a much higher quality and unique design, you should aways consider this
Live Demo / Download Foxy

Enfold Responsive Theme

Enfold Responsive ThemeThis is another one you should consider because it has a live demo or preview for you to know if it works for you
Live Demo / Download Enfold

Fusion Responsive Design Business Theme

Fusion Responsive Design Business ThemeMost people love buying this because it has a live demo or preview, so you can check it and test it out before buying
Live Demo / Download Fusion

Nimble Beautiful Business Theme

Nimble Beautiful Business ThemeYou should take it as a warning sign if the WordPress themes you want to buy do not have live preview or demo. This is why you should get this theme
Live Demo / Download Nimble

Chameleon Clean WordPress Template

Chameleon Clean WordPress TemplateThis is one of the responsive WordPress themes to use because a full documentation is provided
Live Demo / Download Chameleon

Simplepress WordPress Theme

Simplepress WordPress ThemeYou will always enjoy using this theme because it is easy to use, thanks to its instruction manual or document
Live Demo / Download Simplepress

Evolution Business Theme 2014

Evolution Business Theme 2014This is easy to upload and install, and the guide on how to use the options is provided
Live Demo / Download Evolution

Nova Business WP Template

Nova Business WP TemplateYou need to be given support in using a premium WordPress theme. This is why you should get this one
Live Demo / Download Nova

Trim Clean Pro WP Theme

Trim Clean Pro WP ThemeThe developer of this theme gives support on how to use the different features
Live Demo / Download Trim
WordPress Magazine Themes 2014

Newspaper News Editorial Theme

Newspaper News Editorial ThemeWhen people talk of web design trends, they always consider this theme because of its flexibility and customization options
Live Demo / Download Newspaper

Nexus Clean News Theme

Nexus Clean News ThemeAny website owner is interested in options, and that is why this is one of the best premium WordPress themes
Live Demo / Download Nexus

Extremis Magazine Theme

Extremis Magazine ThemeIf you want a theme which you can easily customize, you should buy this
Live Demo / Download Extremis

Mazaya News Magazine Theme

Mazaya News Magazine ThemesThis is known for its lots of features, making it to be a must-have for any website owner
Live Demo / Download Mazaya

Lucid Clean Magazine Theme

Lucid Clean Magazine ThemeSome of the powerful features of this theme include Javascript/DHTML, ‘Featured Posts’ areas, ‘Ajax’ or dynamic sections, and many others
Live Demo / Download Lucid

Fearless Bold Modern News Theme

Fearless Bold Modern News ThemeYou will love this theme because it has multiple layout options for the homepage and other important pages
Live Demo / Download Fearless

TheStyle WordPress Theme

TheStyle WordPress ThemeThis is a popular theme because of many cool features such as drop down menus, custom field options, multiple customs templates for pages, print style sheets, etc.
Live Demo / Download TheStyle

Legatus WP Template for News

Legatus WP Template for NewsIf you really want to be successful with your online presence, you should use this theme to create your site because it is well coded and has no errors
Live Demo / Download Legatus

World Wide WordPress Theme 2014

World Wide WordPress Theme 2014Among the best WordPress themes 2014 is this one because it has no coding errors or misspellings
Live Demo / Download World Wide

Realnews Clean and Valid Code Theme

Realnews Clean and Valid Code ThemeThis is one of the best themes because it has clean and valid code, and the developer adhered to strict CSS and XHTML standards
Live Demo / Download Realnews
WordPress Blog Themes 2014

The Muse Blog WordPress Theme

The Muse Blog WordPress ThemeYou will love this theme because it has a good cross browser compatible which enable you to always get traffic to your website
Live Demo / Download The Muse

Flag Professional News Theme

Flag Professional News ThemeThis is one of the most poplar themes in the world, thanks to its responsiveness and layout
Live Demo / Download Flag

Fable WordPress Blog Template

Fable WordPress Blog TemplateThere are few themes which really have many columns website owners need. This is one of them
Live Demo / Download Fable

Writer Personal WordPress Theme

Writer Personal WordPress ThemeIf you need a theme with the perfect layout, you should always use this, and you will be happy with having had a successful online presence
Live Demo / Download Writer

Bliss Multiple Layout Theme

Bliss Multiple Layout ThemeThe multiple layout settings of this theme make it to be ideal for any type of website and any niche
Live Demo / Download Bliss

DailyJournal WP Blog Theme

DailyJournal WP Blog ThemeThose looking for a theme with different sidebar positions and layouts cannot do without this
Live Demo / Download DailyJournal

Charisma WP Theme

Charisma WP ThemeThis is a highly customizable WordPress theme that is very good for blogging, especially if you want to have a lot of visitors
Live Demo / Download Charisma

Newssetter WordPress Blog Theme

Newssetter WordPress Blog ThemeThis is one of the themes which are compatible with many web browsers, and there are many sidebars for your use
Live Demo / Download Newssetter

Penoolis Responsive Blog Theme

Penoolis Responsive Blog ThemeIf you are interested in a theme with a fixed or flexible width, in addition to being able to customize it the way you want, you should get this
Live Demo / Download Penoolis

Profession Profession WP Theme

Profession Profession WP ThemeThis is a theme which has been downloaded thousands of times, because it is built over a solid and stable design
Live Demo / Download Profession
WordPress Themes for Photographers 2014

Photo Artist WordPress Theme

Photo Artist WordPress ThemeThis theme has many useful widgets built in, making it another good choice for those who want to place ads on their sites
Live Demo / Download PhotoArtist

DeepFocus Photo WP Theme

DeepFocus Photo WP ThemeYou should use this for your site because it has settings interface designed in a way that it is easy to decide the way you want your site to look
Live Demo / Download DeepFocus

LENS WordPress Photography Theme

LENS WordPress Photography ThemeEven if you have a little knowledge of PHP and CSS, you will find it easy using this theme
Live Demo / Download LENS

WP Clear Photo WordPress Theme

WP Clear Photo WordPress ThemeThis is a theme which is designed to be stylish, readable and simple, while still highly customizable
Live Demo / Download WP ClearPhoto

Gleam Photography WP Theme

Gleam Photography WP ThemeYou will love this because it is easy to customize, whether you want to change the header image or background
Live Demo / Download Gleam

Chroma Responsive Photography Theme

Chroma Responsive Photography ThemeIf you need a theme which is easy to modify, this is a good option for you, even if you do not know anything about PHP
Live Demo / Download Chroma

Elevation Portfolio WP Theme

Elevation Portfolio WP ThemeThis is a very good theme for people with minimal knowledge in PHP, HTML and CSS
Download Elevation Theme

Envisioned Clean WordPress Theme

Envisioned Clean WordPress ThemeThere are frequent updates for you to enjoy with this theme, making it to be ideal for any photography website
Live Demo / Download Envisioned

Century Portfolio Web Theme

Century Portfolio Web ThemeThis theme is ideal for DJs, artists, photographers and those who want to show their works online
Download Century

Photo Responsive WP Theme

Photo Responsive WP ThemeThis is a fully responsive you should use if you want to get a lot of traffic from those who use mobile devices. The theme also supports WordPress 3.7+
Live Demo / Download Photo
WordPress themes for Travel Agency 2014

Voyage WordPress Themes 2014

Voyage WordPress Themes 2014You should use this for your travel website because it is Retina ready and has a layout needed for displaying offers
Live Demo / Download Voyage

Tour Package Travel Theme

Tour Package Travel ThemeThe HTML5 and CSS3 coding of this theme makes it to be the right one if you run a travel website. You will also enjoy the different layouts
Live Demo / Download Tour Package

Online Booking WordPress Theme

Online Booking WordPress ThemeThis is a good one because of its homepage layout which is ideal for displaying the travel offers
Live Demo / Download Online Booking

RoyalGold WordPress Theme

RoyalGold WordPress ThemeAccording to many tests carried out, this theme works with all major browsers and the admin panel is easy to use
Live Demo / Download RoyalGold

Soho Hotel WP Template

Soho Hotel WP TemplateThis is another good one to use for your travel website because of the different custom page templates that you can use to create many post types
Live Demo / Download Soho Hotel

Travelo WordPress Travel Template

Travelo WordPress Travel TemplateIf you need a theme which lets you use widgets in your travel website, you should use this
Live Demo / Download Travelo

Viva Hotel WP Theme

Viva Hotel WP ThemeMost people love this theme because it displays images in a beautiful way, a good thing for travel websites where you need to display pictures of various cities that your visitors might be interested in visiting
Live Demo / Download Viva Hotel

Geo Places WordPress Theme

Geo Places WordPress ThemeThe fact that there are many post types supported makes this to be a good theme to always try out
Live Demo / Download Geo Places

Grand Hotel Resorts Theme

Grand Hotel Resorts ThemeYour images will be well displayed, and in a beautiful way, if you use this theme for your travel website
Live Demo / Download Grand Hotel

Hotec Hotel Spa Resort WP Theme

Hotec Hotel Spa Resort WP ThemeThis theme comes with standard WordPress codes and many languages are supported for your travel website
Live Demo / Download Hotec
WordPress Video Theme 2014

WP Clear Video WordPress Theme

WP Clear Video WordPress ThemeYou will enjoy this theme for your video blog because of the language localization support (.po/.mo) feature
Live Demo / Download WP ClearVideo

Origin Grid WP Theme

Origin Grid WP ThemeMost people always use this theme for video blogs because it is Child Theme ready, and more visitors can be recorded
Live Demo / Download Origin

Video Grid WordPress Theme 2014

Video Grid WordPress Theme 2014This theme allows the inclusion of meta keywords and descriptions for SEO. This makes it to be good for your video blog
Live Demo / Download VideoGrid

Music Play WordPress Theme

Music Play WordPress ThemeIf you need a theme which supports many types of icons, you should use this. It even supports the latest version of WordPress
Live Demo / Download MusicPlay

Notebook Blog WP Theme

Notebook Blog WP ThemeThose who need a responsive theme cannot do without this because mobile users can easily have access to the blog
Live Demo / Download Notebook

Metric WordPress Personal Theme

Metric WordPress Personal ThemeThis is a popular theme because it is Retina ready. It has graphics which are sharp
Live Demo / Download Metric

Matrix Video Blog Theme

Matrix Video Blog Personal THemeIt is necessary for a video blog to use a highly responsive theme. This is why this theme is very popular
Live Demo / Download Matrix

MovieScope Portal Theme

MovieScope Portal ThemeThis theme lets you use unlimited colors for any part of your video blog. It even supports any languages, especially if you want to target the speakers of a language other than English
Live Demo / Download MovieScope

Rock Band WordPress Theme

Rock Band WordPress ThemeIf you need a theme which is good for event and album management, you should get this. As it supports custom audio players, it is good for a video blog
Live Demo / Download Rock Band

StereoClub WordPress Blog Theme

StereoClub WordPress Blog ThemeYou should use this theme because it supports unlimited color schemes and follows the best practices of HTML5 and CSS3 coding
Live Demo / Download StereoClub
WordPress Ecommerce Themes 2014

Avada WordPress Theme

Avada WordPress ThemeThis is one of the WordPress themes 2014 because it has semantic and valid HTML 5 and CSS 3 coding needed for an ecommerce website
Live Demo / Download Avada

StyleShop WordPress eCommerce Theme

StyleShop best wordpress themes 2014To be successful with your ecommerce website, you should get this theme because it has a responsive layout for getting more traffic from users of mobile devices
Live Demo / Download StyleShop

Flat Responsive WooCommerce Theme

Flat Responsive WooCommerce ThemeThis is idea for your ecommerce business because the theme has the layout for slides, pages, galleries and videos. You will also enjoy it because of its many post formats
Live Demo / Download Flat WooCommerce

Boutique WordPress Theme 2014

Boutique WordPress Theme 2014Most people love this, as it has Standard, Audio, Gallery, Video and Quote post formats
Live Demo / Download Boutique

KALLYAS eCommerce Website Theme

KALLYAS eCommerce Website ThemeYou will love this because it has many page templates an ecommerce website should always have in order to make more sales
Live Demo / Download KALLYAS

Bazar Shop WordPress Theme

Bazar Shop WordPress ThemeYou should download this if you need a theme that has hundreds of Google fonts, in addition to a Contact Form for receiving feedback from your visitors
Live Demo / Download Bazar Shop

Maya Shop WordPress Theme

Maya Shop WordPress ThemesThis is another good one because it has many social network features for your visitors to share your content with others
Live Demo / Download MayaShop

The Retailer WP Theme

The Retailer WP ThemeThis is also one of the best WordPress themes because it has many custom widgets for displaying your ads
Live Demo / Download The Retailer

Room 09 Shop WordPress Theme

Room 09 Shop WordPress ThemeYou should get this if you need a theme which supports WooCommerce and works with various plugins needed to sell products online
Live Demo / Download Room 09 Shop

Barberry WP Template

Barberry WP TemplateYou should use this theme for your ecommerce website because it supports WordPress 3.7 and has a fully responsive layout for more mobile visitors
Live Demo / Download Barberry
Those are the best WordPress themes 2014 you should get if you want to get more traffic to your website. The themes support the latest version of WordPress and with their responsive layout, anybody would be able to access your site without any compatibility issue. If you want something unique, you can customize them and even upload your logo, and with the frequent updates, you can always have the latest security features and codes for protecting the personal and financial information of your visitors. Therefore, you should download them today and start succeeding online.