Blogging is such a huge activity on the Internet and in fact Technorati the Internet search engine for blogs managed to track 112.8 million blogs in June 2008. Amazingly, the popular trend of blogging began a decade ago in 1999 and has stayed ever since. This large influx of bloggers, along with the inquisitive nature of people to explore and seek out another’s opinions or comments, explains why blogs are one of the most visited type of websites on the internet.
beautiful blog design
credit: ilovecolors
Undoubtedly, content itself plays the biggest role in attracting visitors to follow a blog’s posts. People visit blogs to check out what the blogger has to comment about recent events, the current affairs, his or her personal story and the likes. Still, a good design can be how a blog first captivates people enough to be aware of its presence. In other cases, bloggers want to stand out from the vast number of blogs in the blogosphere. Making improvements to the content may be an abstract task, so the easier way to distinguish the blog from others is to work on the design.
When we talk about design, the key word is ‘impression‘. A visually attractive blog leaves behind a deep impression among people such that the person remembers it enough to actually revisit the site another time. This list of absolutely gorgeous-looking blogs below was compiled to provide you with some ideas on what you can do to come up with an attractive and well-designed blog.