You have all this blog traffic, but no sales leads. You must be wondering what you’re doing wrong. And I’m going to tell you.

You don’t ask for what you want

Also called asking for the money, you must tell people what you want them to do next. At the end of your blog, say, comment below or join my webinar.
To the right side of your blog, offer a free newsletter or do a giveaway. Just tell people what to do next. Every action should lead them closer to a sale with you.

Your keyword strategy is off

Do not compete for generic high-value words unless you are ready to hit the ground running. You will be racing against big companies with budgets that depress me.

You aren’t promoting to the right people

My friends and I laugh when we see baby ads in our Facebook feed. And hopefully the advertisers cry when they see how much they’re spending to target single women.
Promote your blog on the right social media network for your intended audience. Pinterest for women, LinkedIn for educated business people, etc.

You aren’t writing to the right people

The same theory as above, except at the ground level of your blogging topics. You need to make sure your headlines and the way you express yourself is a good fit for your psychographics.
Are you swearing at moms? Using pink on a men’s product site? Sprouting rainbows to a conservative crowd?
Convert Ideas into Cash

Your posts aren’t engaging

Your blogging has to appeal to, attract and engage the right people. If you’re not selling your stuff, it could be because you’re pitching diapers to grandmas.
Instead, tell grandma about, 10 Things Her Grandkids Wish She Knew, and then offer a discount on diapers at the end, after you’ve grabbed her.

Your uniqueness factor is zero

Let’s be clear that you have to have a unique value proposition in order to sell your products. You need to say, offer, or do something different than anyone else.
And then, you need to be prepared to adjust it before it gets copied and reproduced. Therefore, branding.
A voice that is unique works wonders in blogging. Look at grumpy cat. Zappos shoes delivers happiness, not shoes. Figure out what that is, and then stick to it.
What did you do to make your blog leads convert to sales? Tell me in your comments below.