SEO efforts may be concentrated on getting your site on the top results of SERP. But even if you are the #1 site for the keywords of your choice and interest, it still may not mean monetary returns. It is here that you need to focus on the concept of CTR (click through rate).
Why should a blogger worry about CTR?
Any blogger must view its CTR rates with care because it’s one of the crucial blog monetization factors. Visitors click on the ads and make purchases and these investments lead to profits. You cannot afford to ignore CTR.

Improve Organic Search Results CTR

Here are the top tips to improve CTR in your organic search results:

1. Measure the CTR and Keep a Check on Results

The CTR for your ads should be at least 0.2% per 1000 impressions.
Your advertisement should at least be rendering these many clicks because an audience that is looking at your ad copy is a focused audience.
Improve Organic Search Results CTR
They are people who have looked up Google or Bing to find out about the specific products and services. So, your ad being prominently placed should draw their attention.
If even 0.2% CTR isn’t seen, then it’s time to revise your ad copy to something more useful.

2. Improve Your Ad Copy

If you are looking at improving the CTR, there are chances that a review of your Ad copy may help the process.
By using the right keywords and the right proportion of keywords, by improving the heading content and making minor changes, the returns from the Ad copy can change drastically.
More so, by making the call to action more specific and improving on assertiveness and clarity, you can bring about a change in the CTR as your idea can be communicated and comprehended to more people.

3. Careful Use of Keywords in Copy

Reports indicate that ads which have the keyword in the heading or title, have a greater chance of coming to the notice of users and consequently, getting clicked.
Since the user is actually looking for things related to the ‘keywords’ that he has typed in, he reflexively appreciates the ads with copy including the keywords. This is a good way to improve CTR.

4.  Set Your Goals Right with Your Ad Campaigns

The response of a user on the internet to an advertisement and the response of a user to ads on television on other media are quite different.
While the user might turn off the radio when the ad plays or switch channels on TV, on the web, the user is relatively more open to looking at ads.
However, the problem that the web has been facing is that the campaigns are not targeted appropriately. People on the web, when they search about a product to purchase, then they certainly do have a mind to buy.
One needs to target such a user by advertising appropriately. You should understand who your target audience is and what their search queries are. You could take the assistance of experts to guide you on which keywords to target and how to get the maximum conversions.
The goals of your campaign and your target audience should both be crystal clear!

5. Validation of Your Promises!

And finally, everyone looks at ads rather skeptically.
So, the best way to win your customer is show him that you mean what you say. You can do this by adding the ‘amount’ of your deal like ‘Branded Sunglasses 60% off!’ in the headline of your advertisement.
Also, adding a trademark symbol, ‘TM’ beside the name of your company in the heading, helps in drawing attention and appearing like a valid or authentic source.
The more you win the trust of the user, the more are the chances of him clicking through to your site!